This Mediteranian city with its famous old Platan trees enjoys sunshine throughout most of the year. The starting point of the sightseeing tour is the church complex on the Crkvina hill from which you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of the town and its surroundings along the valley of the river Trebisnjica. You will see the 16th century Arlangica stone bridge, Gracanica church and its gallery of gold-plated icons. You will also visit the Etno house in the Museum of Herzegovina, the old city center encircled by defensive walls and cannons harbouring the oriental architecture, town squares and the 18th century Osman Pasha Mosque. On the Poets’ Square you will see the 115 year old Platan tree, a Catholic church, city monuments and fountains. Your impressions about Herzegovina will be completed by tasting some Herzegovinian home made food and wine in one of the traditional restaurants.


Old Herzegovina is the cradle of orthodox religion and monasteries. In this area you can visit six monasteries built in the period from 4th to 21st century and hear six respective stories about their founding. The monasteries were built in a great diversity of styles and materials quite different from the modern ones. On the small church properties hard-working monks produce pomegranate juice, dried figs, honey or wine and are a must to try. Furthermore, in this area you will be able to smell unforgettable scents of candles prepared from bee-wax, and incense made with fragrant herbs.


The smell, taste and color of high-quality authentic Herzegovinian wine is a true pleasure for any wine lover. Herzegovina is a region rich with vineyards and wine cellars. A visit to the three best and the most successful wine cellars will provide a nice opportunity to try their wine fresh from the barrel. While visiting these places you will also be able to see some of the cultural heritage of Herzegovina like the monastery Tvrdos from the 13th century. You can also enjoy traditional dishes in an old restaurant with its own wine-cellar.


Because of its beauty and rich cultural heritage, this town is put on the UNESCO’s list of the world heritage. The old town, encircled by powerful defensive walls and fortresses, is rich in true treasures of architecture and artistic masterpieces saved for many centuries. While walking along the main street called Stradun you will see St.Vlaho (St.Blase) cathedral, Onofrije’s fountain, Duke’s Court and Orthodox Church with the gallery of icons. After the sightseeing tour of Dubrovnik you will try Dalmatian dishes and wine in an old inn.


This town, settled on the banks of the river Neretva, has always been on the crossroads of civilizations which resulted in a cultural and religious diversity in the region. The sightseeing tour of this town includes a visit to the old town, the craft center, the Old bridge, towers and houses built in a typical Turkish style. Afterwards we will visit the city of Blagaj, were the medieval Hezegovinian rulers had their headquarters, and in which there is Tekija, a hundred-year-old residence of members of Dervish Order who dedicated their lives to prayers. Tekija is settled on the very spring of the river Buna gushing out from an enormous cave and has a beautiful emerald color. We will have a lunch break in the restaurant on the bank of this river.


During the excursion to Montenegro you will have a chance to see numerous seaside towns rich of cultural and historical heritage. A ferry will take us to the famous beautiful town of Budva, a pearl of Montenegrian turism. The next stop will be the city of Kotor, famous for its Navy and nautical tradition. Not far from Kotor, there is a medevial town called Perast from which you can see two islets called „Gospa od Škrpjela” and “Sveti Đorđe” (Our Lady of the Rocks and Sanit George). Afterwards you will try some traditional food in a typical Montenegrian inn and have a rest. On our way back we will visit the monastery Savina which guards numerous precious medevial items.


This experience is an unusual meeting of man and nature in an untouched mountainous environment while rafting along the river Tara, the longest European canyon called “A Tear of Europe”. Nature lovers and adventurers have the opportunity to try whitewater rafting with help of experienced skippers on twenty rafts. Do not miss a chance to enjoy the pure nature, swimming, waterfalls and drinking fresh spring water. After the exciting rafting you can try special dishes prepared in a camp’s restaurant. Do not hesitate to join us and have a nice time on the river Tara. Of course, do not forget your cameras!


The Sutjeska National Park embraces a natural wildlife preserve called Perucica, the most famous and the most preserved rainforest in Europe under UNESCO protection. Here you will be able to enjoy preserved nature, see the waterfalls and mountain ranges, picturesque fields of wild flowers and rare medical herbs, woods with huge old trees. You will be able to enjoy a swim in the mountain lakes, breath fresh mountain air, drink cold mountain spring water and eat healthy local organic food.


In the vicinity of Trebinje, a small village called Zavala harbors a unique masterpiece of nature’s forces, a cave which is more than six kilometers long. An old folk legend says that it is the place where fairies dwelled. Considering the hot summertime climate of Herzegovina, the constant temperature of 11°C if the cave interior will make your visit here even more pleasant. You can admire unique cave ornaments, small cave lakes which are the habitat of the cave-dwelling aquatic salamander (Proteus Anguinus), a rare endemic species. Near the cave there is a monastery called Zavala built in 1514 from which you can have an amazing view over the Herzegovinian vineyards and orchards.


Extreme sports lovers will experience an unforgettable adventure. The suitable position of the mountain Leotar enables you to start paragliding from either 950 or 1200 m above the sea level. The sport instructors will assist you and join you in a tandem paraglider in this true adrenaline pumping experience. Free as a bird high up in the sky you enjoy the magnificent view of Trebinje and its surroundings all the way to the Atriatic sea.


Join in on our sightseeing tour to one of the world’s most visited Catholic pilgrimage places. In 1981 in a small village Podbrdo two boys and three girls witnessed the Virgin Mary’s first appearance. Today, the place where she appeared is called the Hill of Appearance. We will visit the church of St.Jakov, souvenir shops, and explore the surroundings. Once you’ve visited this holy place it will leave you with a feeling of true inspiration for faith and love. A lunch will be served at the restaurant famous for its traditional Herzegovinian cuisine.


In the neighboring Montenegro we will pay a visit to the world third most visited Christian holy place, the Monastery Ostrog. The monastery is carved into the very steep mountain cliff 900 meters above sea level It is visited daily by thousands of pilgrims of different religions from all over the world. It is believed that the holy relics of Saint Basil displayed in the Monastery, are works of wonder and blessed by God, which is confirmed by an old book containing different testimonies. Some of our previous guests experienced an overcoming of life’s troubles by visiting and praying in this monastery.After visiting the monastery and surroundings we will have a lunch break in a village Bogetici in a traditional Montenegrin restaurant.